With our good fortune, we had a friend refer us to Elaine.    We first began working with Elaine in 1996 to coordinate our entire first home.   Being new homeowners, we were quite anxious about the many decisions to be made.   Elaine helped us to understand the process and was very patient with us, and always allowing us the time to feel comfortable with our decisions.   After each project or purchase was completed, we could see how Elaine’s expertise was so “right on.”   We were pleased with the outcome every time.   Friends and family always commented on how beautiful our house was.

Our future then brought us to wanting a different style house, so we put our house up for sale.  Many perspective buyers and realtors commented on how beautiful the house was and it sold in 7 days and with a price we were very pleased with.

Once we bought our second home, Elaine was right there to help us coordinate and decorate it.   As we work on our new home, we couldn’t imagine making decisions without Elaine.   Her vision for what will be timeless and unique to   our taste has been impeccable.  Not only has Elaine been a superb designer, she has become a dear friend to have through the many changes in our lives. We would like to share our good fortune with others by referring  Elaine to anyone who is looking for a great interior designer.

Sincerely your friends,   Terry and Chris Cleveland


Having only built one house in the past we have not had the opportunity to work with an interior designer, but if we had, I don’t think we would have enjoyed working with someone as knowledgeable and passionate about her profession as Elaine.

From the start it was obvious that Elaine made it her mission to help change this new house into our new home.

Elaine worked very closely with Cindy to help her find the special things that help give our home its character, not clutter.   It was wonderful that she and Cindy have similar taste so she was able to help lead her to choices on things she never would have known existed.   By helping Cindy through this process Elaine saved her endless hours of frustrated searching,  andhelped her find quality products from good vendors.

For those of you out there who might not think hiring an interior designer is worth the money, spend one hour with Elaine and you will change your mind.

There is a huge difference between character & style and clutter, not all interior designers know this, Elaine Addison does.   If you want your house to be a reflection of you and your family Elaine Addison will help you in your journey to create your home.

Thank you,   Paul and Cindy Hurley, Owner of a former Parade of Home Model, #120


I always thought I was the kind of person who would never need a decorator’s help because I am usually confident in how I want a room to look.  However, this past fall, I was very humbled when in the middle of a bathroom project, I found the room not looking anything like the way I planned it.  The walls were great, the chandelier was lovely… but the room just did not have “the look”!  I read so many decorating magazines and looked at so many bathroom photos online that I was getting increasingly uninspired.  As much as I like decorating to be finished as soon as possible, I was clueless on what to do next and my husband just wanted the bathroom back!  While online looking at more bathroom photos, I came across the phone number of Addison Interior Design.  Shortly after speaking with Rebeka, I made an appointment for Elaine to visit.  She immediately knew what was wrong and how to fix it.  She came up with an idea for the shower that I didn’t even know existed, she added granite that enhances everything in the room, and a mirror that makes the ceiling look higher than you can imagine.  I love the distinctive look that not only looks lovely, it has personality!  Elegant, yet not too serious.  Many thanks to Elaine, Rebeka and Elana at Addison Interior Design.  You all did a great job!  (Peter and I had a New Year’s Eve party shortly after the bathroom was complete.  When a guest walked into the bathroom and screamed, I thought “Yes, Elaine nailed it!”

Jeanne and Peter Theberath


We received such wonderful advice from Elaine during the construction of our new home.   We continually receive compliments from family and friends about all the “little” and “big” details of our house that truly gives it a unique and custom design.   Elaine’s ideas helped us to achieve the relaxed and cozy feeling we wanted for our home.   We truly understand what she meant when she said “making your house a “home.”   Thank you again and we look forward to continually working with Elaine.

Phyllis & Darren


It is a privilege to write this testimonial for Addison Interiors.    Elaine has transformed my dated walkout rambler into a jewel of a lake home.   She has the skills of a psychologist and family therapist as she negotiates the contractor delays and problems.   Then she has to tackle her clients’ style changes and breakdowns.

We started the remodel of my home in March of 2003.   It was a 1970s 3-bedroom walkout rambler with a finished basement.   Elaine worked with the contractor to open up and enlarge the kitchen.   Her suggestions helped to transform problems into a point of interest.   A brick wall shows through the coffee bar.   A stairway turned around has captured the great lake views in the lower level.

Some of Elaine’s strong points are her guidance in light fixtures, plumbing, tile, paint color and cabinets.   She kept me focused on a theme, kept it tasteful and close to the budget.   I have had numerous compliments on the tile and light fixtures.   I am always answering the questions, “ where did you get the lights – tile – what color?”

Elaine has been a resource for contractors and unique art.   The dining room ceiling is a work of plaster art by Slava.   Rigel has painted two beautiful pieces of art on the walls all with Elaine’s guidance.

Presently she is helping me furnish my home.   We want to keep the relaxed atmosphere of a lake home and have a touch of Tuscany elegance.   I don’t know where she finds the accent pieces but they are unique.  Her patience, kindness and courtesy, while always making her point, qualify her for sainthood.    It has been a privilege and honor to work with Elaine.”

Terri Feldman




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